Itoigawa juniperus

(Florent ) #1

Hello from Paris!

Dear all, Jonas,
I have recently bought for cheap a young Juniperus Itoigawa.
Fall is coming in Paris, and I was wondering if I can start styling it or wait for an other moment.
What is the best thing to do first with this tree. (The tree is about 35cm hight)

Thank you!


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Hi Florent! Looks like a nice, healthy tree. As for your question, there are a couple of ways to respond.

Timing wise, now is a good time to work on the tree, though if you do significant bending you’ll need to protect the tree from hard freezes, if any, during winter.

As for what to do with the tree, do you have an idea of what you want the tree to become? If you want the trunk to become larger, then the tree will need to grow for several years. If you’re happy with the trunk then you can start any time.

(Florent ) #3

Thank you Jonas,
I am living in paris in a small flat with only a balcony for garden, but it’s enought for the few trees I have.
The only thing is that can get only small trees (shohin and mame size)

So this is the result, I hope I did no mistake :slight_smile:
I have decided to keep a lot of foliage and long branches to maintain its stenght for the winter.
So I didn’t cut to many branches, just wired them. It will be also the material for the futur of the trees with dead part.
I have tried to bend the big branches also, as much as I could, but it wasn’t easy to ad more movement.

Any comments and advice for next step are welcome! :wink:

Front view

Back view

Side view

(jamie swords) #4

Stunning effort florent :+1::+1::+1::+1: really nice work

(carol ebreo) #5

Really liked what you did Very nice . You have a good eye!!

(Jonas Dupuich) #6

Very nice Florent - thanks for sharing! Awesome pics too.

I like that the branches have good downward movement - it’s a great start for the tree’s future.

Style-wise only two things come to mind.

  • The second trunk is somewhat long and straight. It might make sense to shorten it over time.
  • The silhouette is fairly large in relation to the thin trunks. It’s fine to leave it while the tree is growing, but I can imagine tightening up the silhouette in subsequent work sessions.

(clive bennett) #7

Really nice start to this tree

(Florent ) #8

Thank you all for your comment and support!
Yes Jonas you are true, that’s exactly what I will try to do on the futur!