Jacaranda seeds I need some advice

I have some Jacaranda seeds which have been soaked in luke warm water for 24 hrs then sowed 4 weeks ago and still no result, have been advised to up the temp to get the soil really warm and this could take a month or two months to germinate, the temp has been 21 degrees near a radiater, has anyone any more advice for me, as a back up I have obtained a bare root Jacaranda which will be arriving soon, is it best to keep it indoors and mist every so often ? I live in Cornwall UK

Great question, I haven’t tried Jacaranda from seed. For many seeds, they require some warmth to germinate (assuming the scarification and stratification needs have been met). If my pine seeds don’t germinate within a few weeks I move them into the sun and the warmer weather helps them sprout.