Japanese Black Pine candle

(dave) #1

Hi jonas,

I have several question regarding JBP that i have. I’m bit confuse about the candle i must cut. In the photos i will describe it.

Thank you so much jonas

Photo 1:

  • is it 2 candle on 1 branch?
  • should i cut both of them in one cut or i can cut seperately?

Photo 2:

  • there is a single small candle at the left. Is it consider back budding or perhaps its the candle from previous growing season that have not been cut.
  • what are your suggestion with this? Should i cut the small candle at the base of the branch?

Photo 3:

  • the situation is the same like photo 1. Should i cut at the base, the long candle and short candle all in 1 cut?

Photo 4:

  • are these 2 candle grow on same spot? Or is it consider a bud growing lateral?
  • what are your suggestion?

Photo 5:

  • the situation is the same like in photo 4.
  • is it 2 bud growing candle or its 2 bud growing in the same spot that i must cut.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Photo 1 - you can cut both candles at decandling time
Photo 2 - the big question is what you’re doing with the branch. Assuming the trunk has already gained the desired thickness (if not, then there’s no need to decandle) I’m curious how this branch fits into the design. If the long internode is OK, you can decandle where the new shoot emerges (the small shoot is like a back bud). If the internode is too long, you can cut the branch back into the needles (see https://bonsaitonight.com/2012/06/22/a-cutback-decandling-technique/)
Photo 3 - remove both at decandling time
Photo 4 - remove both at decandling time
Photo 5 - ditto

When decandling, all new buds growing near branch tips are removed so new growth will be the same size and age. Small back buds are kept when desired.

(dave) #3


great. thank you so much for your prompt reply.

and a again, the link you just gave me help me alot too. :smiley: