Japanese black pine candles bud no needles

Hi everyone

I bought this black pine in 2017…in 2018 it grow very strong. 2019 spring lots of pollen cones after they were gone the candles extended but almost no needles.

Unable to load the picture so it is difficult to match your thoughts with the picture. Please repost the picture.

There would not be any needles until the candles had hardened off surely, or am I misunderstanding what you mean? You also say Pollen cones so it flowered. The candles should have been cut after hardening, then you should have another flush of growth.

It made candles but no needles on the new candles. The roots are in a very good condition …I’m spraying fungicides regularly…my question is can this be because of the pollen flowers? If so do I go forward normally with decandling?

This makes sense to me. When a tree is stressed it produces lots of pollen cones. Needles don’t form where the pollen cones develop so it’s natural that there would only be a few needles at the ends of the last growth extension.

If there aren’t many needles and the current buds are small, I’d hold off on decandling until the tree produces more vigorous growth.

Looking closer at the photo, it looks like the tree is young and the trunk is slender. What’s the goal of decandling at this stage?

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I wanted to decandle some of the branches before they get to thick and let the 2 sacrifice branches grow freely…

Ah, that can work. It slows the tree down but can help if you need shorter internodes.