Japanese Black Pine Cascade

Hi Jonas,

I have seen the post that you did with regards to the JBP cascade back in February 2017. I set up a JBP cascade last year but being a novice, I made the mistake of leaving the needles on when I wrapped the wire round - I have a nice shape now, but it’s very busy with lots of older needles on the trunk and I think they are maybe shading out some new buds on the trunk.

Should I pull all these needles off? How many needles should I leave on? Will pulling the needles off damage any potential buds? Should I cut them off and leave a stub?

Many thanks,


This looks really good - I don’t see any trouble with needles that were under the wire.

Here’s the basic guide for whether to keep or pull needles: If you need a branch to appear where there are needles are growing, keep the needles. If you don’t need a branch there you can pull the needles.

Beyond that, I pull needles when the foliage gets too dense. Based on your photos, there are just a couple of places where you could pull a few needles. Beyond that, it looks like the tree is set up well to grow this year!