Japanese black pine de-candling

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Here in South Africa I start to de-candle my black pines from the 1st of Dec. On some pines most of the candles have that sort space between last years growth and this years were you cut them with de-candling. Than there are candles without that space , its needles from last years growth till the tip of the new candle. Where do I make my cut on them?

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I make the cut in about the same spot, even though there are needles. If there’s no gap, there’s no other option.

I expect needle buds to appear in these cases instead of adventitious buds, but that’s usually fine.

Do note that you can cut even further back into the previous year’s needles if you want shorter internodes and the tree is strong enough to produce needle buds.

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If the tree is strong and has very dense eye development, what you can do, if you want it, is to prune the end of the branch and leave only 2-3 buds and 8-10 needles on each branch.
This causes new eyes to develop into old wood. The new eyes appear mainly at the points that the branch bends from the wiring.
But even if this is not done, you will have achieved foliage compaction and a more compact tree.
The method is tested.