Japanese Black Pine Development

This is a 5 year old JBP, it has been wired at year 2 and sacrificial allowed to grow to thicken trunk. My question, do I allow this tree to grow both the sacrificial and lower portion for a few years without pinching, de candleing or needle plucking or do I balance the tree year by year using the techniques for JBP? It’s July 4th and this tree has exploded with growth, need advice how to proceed.

Timely question. The lower part of the trunk looks great, but now’s the time to figure out how long the trunk will be and where the primary branches will come from. You’re in the best position to determine this as the answer depends on the size and style of tree you’re aiming for.

In general, if you want the trunk to thicken, let it grow. Do you know what you want the tree to look like down the road?

Thanks for responding. i like the following look

Thanks, this is helpful. If you like consistent movement in the trunkline from bottom to top, then the first step is identifying the future trunkline and wiring, if necessary. It looks like you have a low branch just above the curves that would be a good candidate to extend the trunkline. The lowest branch is only necessary if you want taper at the very base of the trunk.