Japanese Black Pine --- Pruning

(Bill Daniels) #1

From what I have read-- If you prune a candle half way – it produces branches called needle buds. and the branching at that point becomes denser. After 2-3 years the branching become unnoticeable.

Several questions:
Is this statement correct?
For what reason would you use this type of pruning for in the design concept?

Bill D

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Forcing pines to produce needle buds is a great technique for shortening internodes. The one change I’d make to the statement above is that cutting a candle half-way can produce needle buds, but it may not depending on the health and vigor of the branch and of the tree, as well as the time of year the cut was made.

I’ll often try to stimulate needle buds on strong branches by cutting back at decandling time.