Japanese black pine seed issue

(mark comstock) #1

A week ago I put a pound of Jbp and 1/4lb of JRP seed to germinate under white poly on bottom heat, just the act of sowing them is incredible amounts of labor and I think I’ve screwed them both up. They were on bottom heat for five days and then unbeknownst to me the bottom heat cut out and I believe they froze for two nights down to 30°, upon inspection I see that some have started the germination process others are still closed but they seem a bit more mushy then a viable seed would be. I would appreciate any feedback from someone who is experienced a similar situation . But I think I need to order more seed real quick

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Sorry to hear it - will be interesting to hear if anyone has experience with this. Am curious how they’ll do from here on out.