Japanese Black Pine - should I move it outside?

(andra) #1

Hello all,

I’ve purchased a bonsai kit while I was on holiday in Japan. When I got home, I’ve planted my black pine seeds and last week one seed has started growing. I want to take good care of it and I want to know if I can move it outside. I live in the Netherlands, so the weather it’s starting to cool down now, but we still have some sun during the day. The temperatures are around 15 degrees (Celsius) during the day and around 8-9 degrees during the night.

I’ve been growing the seed inside and I’m thinking of moving it outside if it will be better for it, but it can get very windy here and I don’t want to hurt the little plant. Should I continue growing it inside or outside? It gets sun in the afternoon where it stays now, but if I move it outside, it will get direct sun in the morning.


(Frank Corrigan) #2

The seedling will be healthier outside if protected from wind, kept moist and protected from freezing until it is quite a bit larger and stronger. I generally protect seedlings from freezing their first winter season. In your case the seedling was started very late in the growing season and has barely got started before fall arrives.

(andra) #3

Thank you for your answer! I will move it outside if it makes it stronger. I can find ways to protect it from wind, but how can I protect it from freezing? Sorry, it’s the first time I’m growing a bonsai from seed and honestly, I did not even expect it to grow thinking that maybe the bonsai kit could be a scam :))

(Frank Corrigan) #4

There are a number of methods used to protect plants from freezing and they are dependant on the local climate. I suggest you contact a local bonsai club or avid gardener in your area for the most effective answer. It will also be dependant on the resources you have at hand.

(andra) #5

Thanks for the help! Not too manny bonsai people here, but I’ve managed to find one little place focused on bonsai and I hope that they can help me!