Japanese dwarf quince - chaenomeles japonica


what time of year is best to prune dwarf flowering japanese quince and preserve flower buds for nexr season? am in the San Francisco CA area. Thanks

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Right now is likely one of the best times to prune for next year’s flowers.

My flowering quince don’t flower a lot yet (they’re still young) so I have yet to experiment much with the dates.

The chojubai, on the other hand, flower almost every day of the year which makes timing less of an issue.


great!..gives me time to prune now and get new growth going

(jamie swords) #4

My jap quince is a flowering machine!! It’s currently got a flower on it now and it goes into flower again in nov/dec!!


Appreciate the comments…mine is very young and has flowered nicely…trying to balance growth and flowers at this point.