Japanese Larch - White sticky matter on leaves

(Colin Hay) #1

My 6 year old Japanese Larch has white sticky matter covering the leaves.

I would be grateful for suggestions on how I can rid of this matter.

Thank you

(Mauricio Santinelli) #2


Confidor Bayer?

(Colin Hay) #3


Thank you, I will give it a try.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Do share a photo, if possible, so we can have a better idea of what it is covering the leaves.

(Colin Hay) #5

Hello Jonas

Please find opposite, a photo of the problem:

(Jonas Dupuich) #6

Yikes - looks like it might be an insect, possibly a wooly aphid or adelgid, mealybug or something similar. Looking closely might offer a clue.

If this is the case a variety of insecticides could help from soaps to oils to stronger contact or systemic pesticides could help.

Before spraying, check the label to make sure whatever you use is OK for larch. I don’t know if larch is sensitive to common insecticides or not.

Treatment may require a follow-up spraying. If so, the label will have details.

If you want a concrete starring point, taking some affected foliage to a local nursery might help them make a recommendation.

(Colin Hay) #7

Thanks for the advice. I will take a cutting to the garden centre and look for the best insecticide.

(Paul Pashley) #8

With insects that secrete a covering to protect themselves it’s a good idea to add a dash of detergent such as washing up liquid to your mix before spraying. It breaks down the layer, helps the insecticide to penetrate & suffocates them.

(Justin) #9

looks like a type of fungus to me,…

(Mauricio Santinelli) #10

Although your photo does not appreciate very well, I think your problem is this:

I dont know the word in english, but in spanish is: “Cochinilla Algodonosa”, you can use Confidor Bayer for it.

(Colin Hay) #11

Thank you for the suggestion, I will look up the chemical format.