Japanese Maple seed sprouting wrong direction

(Pieter Jan Van Van de Maele) #1


A few weeks ago I started the process of sprouting Japanese maples. I first soaked the seeds for 3 days until most of them sunk, then I put them in soil and stored them in the fridge to stratify. Now I took them out more than a week ago. It seems that 2 seeds are coming out, but root first? I poked in there a tiny bit to see and it looks like the leaf is buried. Will this fix itself? Should I attempt to fix it by inverting the seedlings? What could have caused this bizarre event?


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Could something have eaten the shoot? It looks kind of stubbed off.

(Pieter Jan Van Van de Maele) #3

I don’t think it was eaten.

I went for the leap of faith and reversed the seedlings. Let’s see what happens :smiley: