Japanese Maple Seedlings

I decided to tackle this pot of volunteer maple seedlings yesterday evening. I noticed them in the spring a couple of years ago when they leafed out with a rust coloured margin on each leaf. The first picture illustrates

2019 fall leaf colour.

The root ball came out easily because of all of the roots wrapped around the bottom.

Then teasing apart the roots, freeing them from another healthy volunteer and the long deceased fucshia root ball.

I repotted them into a colander without pruning, hoping to encourage growth before I determine if any have potential as single trees versus being part of a forest. There are some interesting variations in growth.

The mature trunks appear to be green but I love the peach colour of the new growth.

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I would have separated them and grown them for a few years to get trunks. Or they would have made a nice shohin size group planted close together and pruned.

Yes - ideally I would have planted them in the ground. Unfortunately my garden is going through an extensive renovation so I needed to keep them portable. Iā€™m hoping growth in the colander will encourage development while I keep them out of the construction zone. Hopefully I have not closed opportunities for future development.
Do you think I should tip the branches?

Very cute! Looks like the internodes are relatively short too, should make them easier to work with.

Tipping the branches would weaken the plant, remove valuable apical buds to foster new growth. I would leave them be for the time being. You can correct roots and pruning aspects in the fall.

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