Japanese Maples producing leaves in fall

(BERT) #1

My japanese maples are starting to produce new leaves. Do I need to do something or just leave it alone?


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Not much to do about this. Because the weather is still warm, many trees are growing well now. It’s a little concerning if the tree had already lost all of its leaves and is completely leafing out again, but if this is only happening on part of the tree it’s not a big problem.

When trees go completely dormant early, I’ll often move them to a shady spot in the garden so they stay dormant through winter.

(Mike ) #3

Did you by chance do any Fall feeding or any light pruning lately? That can cause new shoots on Maples in the cooler weather.

It also depends on which agricultural zone you live in. I have friends in the northern U.S. whose trees that have gone dormant and already lost their leaves. I live in the midwest and our trees are still green and starting the yearly Fall growth phase and producing small leaves and shoots.

The reason I ask about the pruning and fertilizer is something I learned a while ago. I will use a little bit of high nitrogen fert. and do some light pruning on my Maples in the Fall. This will produce new shoots and leaves mainly in the apex. I have very good Winter protection so these new shoots usually survive the Winter.
Even if the new shoots would happen to die off, remember the new shoot produced a new root or made an existing root stronger.

Just my results from years of experimenting…