Japanese Maples Questions

I have been reading your forum for awhile and notice most topics are of conifers. I have tried to look up different topics on Japanese Maples and found very few topics. I am very interested to find topics dealing with the styling of various varieties of the different Maples. I have 24 different varieties, some grafted, but most were taken from cuttings years ago.
I have read many of books, studied under various instructors, but I have many questions still.
One question I have, improving the surface roots. Most of these trees are 20 plus years old and are healthy. I was wondering, during the growing season, if I should brush off some of the surface soil exposing some of the roots to more sunlight?
I live in Zone 7, just outside of Atlanta.

I’ve found the same lack of info about different maples. If you’re taking about cultivars of Japanese maples, there are books with good descriptions, but not necessarily care notes that apply to bonsai. Many are weaker than the straight variety so care may be needed with styling techniques like cutback or defoliation.

I don’t know if sunlight per se makes the difference, but I do recommend planting the tree high enough to expose the surface roots. Every time a tree is repotted is a good time to improve the roots and maple roots are typically easy to improve with time.

Sharing photos may help us provide recommendations if you have questions about specific trees.

One of the best sources of information I have found is a book by Peter Adams. Bonsai with Japanese Maples.