Japanese pot identification

Good morning from Spain.
I have two shohin pots wich I am not able to identify.
I would thank help with these signature.

Good Afternoon from Canada! The chop marks appear to be Chinese marks as opposed to Japanese in my opinion. The characters are similar to some I have seen on Chinese contemporary pots. The chops appear to be the type created when pots are formed in molds, with the chop carved in the bottom of the mold, making a raised chop as opposed to one cut or pressed into the pot underside.
Just some observations, I know the identification has not being solved.

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Thank you Riversedgebonsai.
I had the doubt with the chop.
On the other por, I have yo say that I bought as a Terahata Mazan, but I am not dure.
Good morning here.

I’d check out the pot ID group on Facebook as they have a number of experts there who may be able to help. In the meantime, have you checked Ryan Bell’s resource?

Thank you. Finally one of them is chinese, and the other is a Terahata Mazan.

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