Japanese white pines from nursery

Got delivery of two JWP from nurseries. One is very young and the other a big larger bug still need development . What should be my next step? I thought to change the foil hut keep in large pot to develop

Hi Gilad - I typically start with the basics:

  • Is the trunk of the tree the desired size? If yes, styling can begin. If no, let the trees grow until the trunk reaches the desired size.
  • When bringing trees home from the nursery, I usually start by repotting and getting the trees into good bonsai soil before doing major work. That way I can be sure they’re healthy and can withstand cutting, bending, etc.
  • When styling, I start by finding the “front” of the tree. To determine the front, I consider the surface roots, the line of the trunk and the primary branches.

If you’re ready to start styling, I’d thin out the foliage a bit and repot the trees.

Thank for the reply.

On eof them is defiently not ready - the trunk and branches have at least 2-3 years to grow. The bigger one could but I rather let it grow one season in better soil and balance it a little (de- candling etc) before moving it to bonsai pots.

One more question; I know I’m walking on dangerous grounds here but would potting soil from Home Depot or such store be enough for growing them in the big nursery type pots? feel like I’d need quite a lot of soil for these and the specialty soil is rather expansive.

Ooh, good question about the soil. Just about any soil will work, though it will affect how you water and fertilize. Soils with a lot of organic material or soils with fine particles will hold a lot more moisture than the commonly granular bonsai soils so you may not need to water as much. One option would be asking a nursery for recommendations for soil for white pine where you live. Or you can make a cheap version of bonsai soil with locally available materials - someone in a local club might have suggestions if that’s an option.