Japenese Pine Advice

Hi Jonas,

I came across your blog and I found it very insightful regarding bonsai. I must commend you on such a well written and informative blog. Each blog is so helpful.

I am a new bonsai enthusiast, living in Cape Town, South Adrica, and bought a starter bonsai from a bonsai nursery. I am not sure what to proceed with…decandleing, pulling needles, wiring or waiting…

I would greatly appreciate I’d you could kindly offer some wisdom regarding the next steps with my bonsai.

Please see attached some pictures for your reference.

Thanks Jay! It looks like your pine is ready for wiring. You can insert a wire into the soil near the base of the trunk and wind it along the trunk up to the very top and then bend into the shape you’re aiming for.

Here are some tips for bending the tree once it’s wired: