JBlack Pine seedling!

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Hi Jonas,
seedling is 3 years old when it was purchased. I didn’t do anything the last week, due to shipping stress. I’m in zone 5a, and have had lots of rain which is not good for the roots. The roots are growing below the current pot. Should I wait till winter to repot after it goes dormant or wait till spring?

I read your article, 3 three-year wiring a JBP, great article. Should I rewire during dormancy or wait till spring?
I don’t plan to have severe bends but natural movement’s in the trunk.
I have bonsai soil for repot. (Boons Mix)
Thanks jerry

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I’d water and feed the tree for now and look to bend and repot this winter. Looks like the tree will provide some fun opportunities for adding some bends!

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Thx. for the advice. I’ll wait after after they drop the leaves. :grinning:Jerry


@Ataxian Pines don’t drop the “leaves,” they do drop their old “needles” after approximately three years, hence they are called evergreens which keep a portion of their foliage mass on all throughout the year

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Sorry for the misinterpretation, but when I was wrighting the reply I knew it was foliage not leaves, my mistake :thinking:.
Or was it autocorrect, writing!