JBP air-layer for the first time

Finally got around to putting an airlayer on this low branch I was gonna eventually cut off anyways. The branch is about 1/3-1/2” thick, a few years old (1-2yo iirc).

My first time trying this with a JBP…but I’ve had success with Juniper and Satsuki Azalea before. So I hope it works. I plan to cutoff, check and re-pot in 1 year.

But, I wanted to know, if it does fail, how many months until the branch browns and dies?

What’s funny about failed layers is that they can brown quickly or stay green for two years without sending a single root.

Layering branches that are about 2-3 years old is ideal for pine layers.

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Good to hear… I think the branch is actually closer to 2-3yo after looking at it more - no baby scale bark (like the following year after candles turns from green into light brown), no old needles at all (which is on 1-2yo I think), no mature bark (more than a couple years old). The branch’s bark is very very smooth and gray, I think the stage before starting to turn into mildly flakey bark.

Keeping my finger crossed no doubt.


Looks good - will be curious how it turns out!

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