JBP Approaching Refinement

I purchased this JBP about nine years ago from Dan Robinson. It was a 10 year old pre-bonsai when I bought it. I have shortened it, shaped it and am getting close to declaring it “finished.” I still have several decisions to make: (1) take off lower branches and make it a literati (2) maintain an informal upright. If I am going to go with an informal upright, I have to choose a front. Tell me what you think. I want to do what is best for the tree, and also to honor Dan Robinson.

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Nice tree ! great movement. I like the first photo, as the front. I like it very much as an informal upright.
I think the first branch on the left could be shortened by 25-30%. I think the second on right could be a bit shorter as well.
Then I think a bit more ramification and reduction of needle size would make a dynamite tree. Great nebari as well. Good luck with it. Anxious to see what you do with it. Keep us posted

Based on what we can see in the photos, the first photo looks like a good candidate for the front. Style-wise, I might aim for something between bunjin and informal upright. You may not need the two lowest branches and the top doesn’t need to be completely full.

The bottom branch is a sacrifice branch which will go when it had done its job. I’ve left the first branch long for now in order to strengthen it. The branches above it are actually thicker.If I keep it I will surely shorten it. I wish I was a better photographer, because it is a really nice tree with several possibilities.

I would be very interested to explore other planting angles as well. The lower trunk has lots of movement that may be better showcased in a less upright position. My eye catches on the vertical aspect of the lower trunk somehow being too straight if that makes any sense.
I agree the tree has some very interesting possibilities, particularly if the foliage is compacted and closer to the trunk.
The nebari look suitable to ground a slant style position from the one side.
This is the fun time, exploring options.

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