JBP are wilting and dying

My pines over a couple days have wilted. Ive watched the watering closely and have them next to a full spectrum florescent light. Only thing I can think is that I’m keeping them in a enclosed indoor greenhouse as it is still very much winter here and these pines are not suited to my zone 3-4. These pines are only planted less then 3 months ago. Any advice would really help. I am very new to bonsai and have only read a few books.

The seedlings appear to be " damping off" a term used to describe fungal disease at the base of the seedling. If theses the case the base right at the soil level will be dark. This is normally caused by too much moisture and not enough air circulation in the area.
The second option would be insufficient moisture causing the plants to wilt. In this case there will not be the darker area right at the base where the seedling has bent!
If the temperatures in the greenhouse were sufficient for germination and they have not been moved recently then the temperature or zone is not a factor at this time.
One method to reduce fungal issues with seedling is to water well but allow the surface to dry between waterings and create gentle air flow over the seed trays. I have often used small fans effectively.

I’m letting the soil dry in between waterings. Lack of air circulation is a concern of mine. I only have a small fan in there currently. Will get a larger one at the base to draw more fresh air up and circulate. I do not see any darkness at base. Should a begin a light fertilizer?

I think your seedlings are probably hot and bothered!

Your lights look quite close to the plants, have you measured the temperature in there?
Is there any air flow? Are you adding anything to increase humidity?

I would keep the lights at least 12" from the plants, open up the sides, get some air flow in there to aid transpiration. Air circulation is needed to help the plants breathe, otherwise waste gases just hang around the stomata.

Ideal humidity is about 50%. If you don’t have a humidifier, you could add a tray with a layer of gravel & water where the water comes 1/2 way up the stones to increase humidity. Put the plant pots on that.

Don’t add Fert until they perk up, you’ll just dehydrate them even more.

Also, I don’t know how you’re watering them, but don’t get any fertiliser on the needles, they’ll just burn up. Adjust the PH of water to between 5.8 and 6.4.

Best of luck!