JBP candle issue after winter bending

(Luigi Dell'Orto) #1

HI everyone, Happy Easter to all of you!

I am living in northern Italy close to Milan and I have a question for you.

This winter I have done some bending to this JBP and now in spring it seems reluctant to start groving the candels.

Is this a normal behaviour?

For your reference I add a photo of a 3 year JBP that I have started with few others. The lazy pine and these smaller pines are all living on the same bech and are receiving the same treatment.

The candle development is very different.

Buds at the base of the lazy pine

Buds on the sacrifice branch of the lazy pine

candles on the 3 year JBP

Thak you

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Hi Luigi! Sometimes pines are slow to open in spring. Usually this happens when there’s some form of stress. One of the most common causes is cutting too many roots when repotting or repotting late in the season, though this doesn’t appear to be the case here.

The main thing is to watch the water at this point. Try to keep the tree not too wet and not too dry.

It also looks like the lowest branches on the tree are pretty weak. If the tree does eventually open up, it might be worth trying to get more vigor into the lower branches by cutting back some growth near the top or decandling just the top shoots.

(Mr O F Claffey) #3

Thanks for that piece of advice have a few two year old pines. must watch watering