JBP candles differences

(Luigi Dell'Orto) #1

Hi all,

would like to ask you if you also have experienced very diffrent candle stage on JBP same age living in same conditions.

Example, 3 JBP 3 years from seed with very different candle stage, is it normal in your opinion?


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Yes, this is completely normal in my experience. The trees look good!

(Svoboda) #3

Yep. Same thing with mine. Beats me why - I am pretty new to all this ( a few years) so feel better that I am not alone in this. Very slightly different light but no other difference for mine but the difference was striking. Sigh of relief when the slow one finally started to produce candles!

(clive bennett) #4

Could be the pots, looks like one is ceramic and would stay cooler than plastic pots hence later caandes, the smallest pot has the most advanced candles and i guess would heat up quicker

(Frank Corrigan) #5

The key factor will likely be individual genetics if grown from seed. The growth rate of individual specimens is variable. For example in the last group of japanese red pine i planted five years ago. Same seed source, grown in the same containers, same fertilizer, water, sun exposure etc. One of the tree’s is less than 12 inches high and very bushy, most of the others range from 3 to 5 feet with normal growth habit. Even in the tree of similar size the candle length varies as is normal.

(Luigi Dell'Orto) #6

I am still trying to figure out what turn some of my JBP yellowish.

See for example color difference between two JBP cultivated in the same conditions. Btw last year the yellowish One was much darker.

I do not really understand, any thoughts?

(Frank Corrigan) #7

You have said they are cultivated in the same conditions. However, is it possible that the lighter coloured one has poorer drainage or different soil makeup? If the soil is more alkaline that could affect the intake of nutrients. Has one been grown in different light? That could affect the light.
If none of those factors are different and,
If the water source and fertiliser type and quantities are the same then i would suspect a difference in genetics.
The needles appear healthy even if they are lighter in color.
Could you take a picture of the two trees side by side that shows the entire trees for better comparison.

(clive bennett) #8

the clay pot would keep the soil cooler than that in black plastic tops. The sun would heat black plastic and water evaporation from a clay pot would cool it.

(Frank Corrigan) #9

When i look closely all the pots look plastic to me! Just different color.