JBP collected in the wild only 4 cotyledons

I collected some cones from some trees in the mountains alt 276’, all my other seeds collected or purchased have had closer to 8 cotyledons.
Just wondered if it’s a different pine and they are very small and turning red already so will be very small cuttings, will just cut 1/2 and let the others grow as is to see what they are.
anyone have any experience ?

Here is an excellent guide to seedling identification in your general area.

Thanks, I use that one for native trees, these are trees in a parking lot so not natural, I thought I had pictures but will have to take some more.

In that case the title of your post and the first line is very misleading. Pictures of the cones would be helpful as to shape and size. Alternatively, I would wait for the true leaves to form and use those for a better guideline as they mature.
Juvenile growth with seedlings is very deceptive and the unique characteristics become more apparent with age.
Good luck with your experiment.

Thanks, I see that now, “In the wild” should be “In the park”, I will have to go back up there and get pictures and the cones since I don’t know in my empty pile which they were. Strange there are 5 with only 3 cotyledons. I got the cones from the tree with the nicest bark.

If you are collecting cones for seeds, other characteristics to note: dense lower branching, shorter internodes and shorter needle length. All desirable traits for Bonsai purposes!
Bark variation as you suggest is another excellent trait to watch out for.

Thanks for the tips
Went back up today to take a closer look, also picked up 30 gals of black lava rock under 1/2 inch size for $4 so will try it out as a grow medium. Sifted out the finer stuff.
Now after a closer look I am thinking JRP since the cracks in the bark are red.