JBP in hot weather and winter sunlight question

I have started a batch of JBP from seeds this year and its going on pretty well.
my first question is: can they grow in shade conditions during winter? I have a northern balcony and have no direct sunlight during winter. I am trying to find solutions for it.
second question is: dose hot climate areas have a shift of scheduled for working with JBP? I read some ware that there is a better success in hot weather if you shift the whole scheduled back or forth. not sure in which direction and the time you delay/early.
thank you!

Yes - climate effects the time we work on black pines. This includes repotting (later where winter is long) and decandling (earlier where summer is mild). The time for pulling needles in fall could also change. It’s best to wait for the needles to be mature before working on pines to avoid damaging tender growth.

If you plan to keep seedlings in the shade during winter it will be harder to keep them healthy. It’s important they don’t stay too wet. They’d be happier with full sun in winter.

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I am in Africa. I kept at first my pines and junipers in full sun, then half under light 30% shade, and the ones under light shade are doing much better. Now they are all under shade cloth and doing very fine. African or strong sun I noticed is not that good for them.

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