JBP leggy braches


Good day, just wanted to ask about cutting back on leggy branches with JBPs, recently got some nursery stocks with good potentials but have several leggy branches, a couple appears to have 3 growth layers and some 2.
So in theory cutting back at any point in the current year’s growth during decanldling season promotes needle buds, as long as there are remaining needles right? does that apply to the previous growth as well, can you back track and cut back further to shorten branches and expect needle buds, given that you do it during decandling season? Cheers

Yes, this applies to older needles as well as last year’s needles. Two caveats: if the needles are yellow/brown and look weak, they are less likely to produce buds. More importantly, if the branches themselves are weak or are on the lower part of the tree where they are somewhat shaded by stronger branches above, I don’t expect as strong a response.

Noted, thank you Jonas! Cheers :+1:t3: