JBP needle thinning

Hi Jonas, thanks for looking at this pine which did very well over the summer. Might you advise how much more thinning can be done?
Basically I have removed about 20% of last years needles.
Thank you
Vance Hanna,

Thanks for the pics - the tree looks healthy!

For now you can let it grow. In fall (late October through January) you can further reduce the needles. The dense areas (samples in blue) can be thinned by up to 50%. The red ares are thin and can be left alone.

For the rest of the tree, the idea is to pluck just enough so the density is equal from top to bottom. If the shoots and buds are weak, leave more needles. If branches are strong and have lots of needles, you can pluck down to 10 pairs.

In the meantime, you can continue to fertilize the tree well for the rest of the growing season.

Thanks Jonas! I look forward to getting over To Alameda and meeting you!

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