JBP repotting this week?

Hi this Japanese Black Pines needs reporting to get it back into good well draining soil.
I live in the SF California area East Bay…
Is it too late to repot based on candle growth in pic?

The picture did not seem to upload correctly. Sorry cannot open.

If the soil’s pretty bad, I’d repot now, but I wouldn’t be as aggressive with the roots as I would have been a month ago. If the soil is good, you could either do a gentle repot or wait until decandling time or fall to repot.

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Jonas…thanks for getting the pic on the post…not sure what happened…
the outside soil is probably pretty coarse …and should have some good root growth there…more than likely the soil issue to contend with is directly under the trunk…i expect that soil is pretty compacted…
I will try the gentle approach this week…and see how tree grows until next optimal repot time.btw I did notice some very small back budding on bare wood an inch or two below where there are needles…so that is a good sign it is “happy”…will try to get closeup up of s a couple of these new buds.
Is best time is before the candles elongate?

Yep, right around when the roots start growing and before the candles start elongating is the ideal time.

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