JBP seedlings and cutting off the roots a second time

Ok my first post here so I’ll try to make it a good one.
I have read numerous articles about cutting off the roots of your JBP seedlings to shorten the trunks. Then I got the book “Pines” from Stone Lantern and was reading about cutting the seedlings. In the article there was a illustration about a second cutting later the initial cutting. There was not mentioned in the article about the illustration of this cutting but from the images it looks like you can not only cut the seedlings again but you get the seedlings to grow into 2 trees. The roots grow into a tree and the cutting will root again.
I wanted to know if anyone has any information about this second cutting.
Thank you for any information.
Happy Holidays.

I seem to recall seeing this same question posted recently, perhaps on Bnut. I’d not recommend a second root cutting on seedlings, one is potentially hard enough on the tiny tree. That said, there’s no harm in doing some experimentation.

The batch of pine seedlings I started last summer provided some interesting education. A few of the young plants got chewed up by slugs. Oddly, even though the slugs chewed down below the initial node point on the stem, the trees eventually started growing foliage again. I was surprised because I thought any damage to the young tree that reduced it past that point would cause it to die.

So, that experience would seem to suggest that the young stem, below the node point and with roots intact would be able to sprout new foliage. And obviously, if you cut off the top with stem intact you could root those.

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Very interesting Dave and Eric. I never knew you might be able to take a JBP seedling, cut in two and possibly get two trees. If the goal was to create as many trees as possible from the seeds you have then maybe this is a good way to go about it. Dave-you may already know, but the main goal of taking a seedling cutting are to create a nice root spread right from the get go. Seedling cuttings are fantastic for creating shohin to small JBP Bonsai. However, it was not until this year and because of a post on Bonsai Tonight that I learned seedling cuttings might not be the best way to go if you want to grow larger JBP Bonsai - The article about that:


I hadn’t thought much about that second (optional) cut mentioned in the figure. I’d guess it’s to get roots growing even closer to the foliage, but if that’s the case, why not cut it shorter the first time? And is there that big a benefit to getting the buds that close to the roots? I wonder if the original Japanese article offers any insight.

But speaking of making two seedlings from one: