JBP seedlings dying

(Shay Cohen) #1

I need some help with identifying this problem.
attaching photos of two seedlings and the same is happening to lots of them.
they seem to rot at the connection to the root. like melting and falling off.
they are planted in perlit and tuff with no organic at all. its the second year I grow JBP and had no problems last year.
pleas advise.


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

I’ve seen that too - could it be snails or slugs? It looks like they’ve been eaten away just at the base. I’d expect rot to affect the whole seedling, not just the base.

(Shay Cohen) #3

Its in new and totaly clean soil.
Could it be from a splash of fertilized water? I might have spilled some unintentionally and didn’t notice. Its restricted to an area of the pot.
Thinking of taking the rest of the seeds from this area out, wash them and replant in a different pot.
Thank you for your input.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

I’d be surprised that so little fertilizer could make the difference. I’ll watch mine carefully this year and see if I can figure anything out.

(Shay Cohen) #5

By the way, Do you have a certain number of seeds you grow each year? Or is it changing all the time?
I think I over did it this year but with all the ones dying the remaining number will be resonable.

(Jonas Dupuich) #6

I typically started 100-200 red and black pines, but it’s been more variable the last few years.

(Evgeny Ivanov) #7

This fungal disease- “Blackleg disease (foot deseases)”. It appears on the waterlogged topsoil.
To avoid this- JBP germinate in pure sand with the addition of kyrio 60/40.
You can also be steamed soil.
For the prevention and treatment you can try “Fundazol”- (Systemic fungicide for spraying).

(Shay Cohen) #8

Thank you Evgeny!
I’ll try treatment…

(Dylan Ferreira) #9

Looks like damping off.