JBP styling input requested

I recently acquired this JBP. It’s a Telperion tree and I’m struggling with a plan for it going forward.
I live in Florida and the tree came from the Pacific NW. Is waiting a year to allow the tree to acclimate a thing?
2021: repot? Grafts? Eliminate branches?
Styling ideas are welcome/encouraged.

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Interesting challenge. In view D , I would consider some carving on the left near the top to narrow the area where the larger branch stub is, creating some movement and taper. What you refer to as a long straight section could be bent for movement and a graft added with positive results.
Certainly agree with. the timing to strengthen the tree over time before too much work. if the tree were mine I would begin the repotting process to explore the nebari options and improve the rotate before making any major styling decisions. The roots can require a good deal of work and development initially when first acquired.
if you take that approach you will have a stronger tree during development and a better idea of the best front once the nebari revealed.
My initial thoughts go with accepting the natural shari and making sure that can be part of the front design. Others may suggest the opposite.

I’m with Frank about the waiting part. I repotted my Telperion pines and let them grow for 2 years before doing significant work. Waiting at least one year would be good if only to make sure the tree is gaining, and not losing, strength in its new home.

Design-wise I agree about the long, straight part. If you’re looking to make a more compact tree, you can either use the bud in the first photo (next to what looks like a stub that you can remove) or graft an apical branch just above this area (January would be a good time to do this).

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Thanks, I like the the idea of grafting a new apex and appreciate the more compact direction! This was helpful.