JBP transition development from sapling to potensai styling


So I have been following and reading threads and blogs here and I find it really helpful in my self study about the JBP, Thank you for sharing some knowledge and experience. I have just started about 5 mos ago and have collected JBPs in different stages from seeds, saplings and a few 6 YO ( I pressume). I am aware about the seasonal work for pines thanks again to the blogs that I have read from here. I know I have a long way to go but just wanted to have some clear understanding on how I can be more deliberate in making some initial styling and if I have the right idea as how to try and promote buds in certain areas. At the moment it is mid winter here down under (avg temp 2C to 14C) and have started repotting and needle plucking. I just wanted to set this young pine that I intend to turn into bunjin as an example and consult if what I had in mind was right or maybe not. please see pictures, thank you


Looks like you did a great job! I assume you want the top branch to help thicken the trunk - if so, you can let it grow this year. As for the main drop branch, if you want additional branch division, you can cut back into the old needles at decandling time to stimulate some new buds. Style-wise, I like the direction you’ve set for the tree!

@bonsaitonight Thank you for your response and complement took me a week to slowly figure out the initial idea to the future style, I just hope the tree stays healthy with proper care and thanks again for the blogs you guys made. Yes I intend to keep it to slightly thicken the main branch, but honestly I don’t know if running 2 sacrifice branches (top and bottom) would work so just left them both thinking in time I can cut them of anyway and jin it if that is a possibility. You’ve actually mentioned one of my main “what’s gonna happen next” dilemma wich is the drop branch in this case, but also in general with smilar branches regardless of the style, do you mean like cut it at the point where the terminal bud and the older group of needle meets? or 10 to 15% of the existing stretch of the branch from the terminal side? this is a way of promoting what we can refer to as needle buds, is that right?

If you remove the shoots that develop in spring (cutting at the spot where your finger is pointing) you’ll get adventitious buds (decandling). If you want new (needle) buds further back, you can cut further back at decandling time.

I also see that you have a nice back bud toward the top right of the first photo in the previous post. If you use this branch, you can skip decandling next year and let the sacrifice branches grow for a while.

Noted! many thanks, keep safe :+1:t3: