JBP young trees development

(Gilad Sivan ) #1

Hi Jonas,

I have followed some of your posts about JBP (same for JRP - correct?). They are so
informative its great. I just purchased some 1 year old seedling and I am starting to think about what do with them next

I am a bit confused about the balance between trunk thickening with allowing growth to go wild and the
careful de-candling and needle plucking you carefully described. On one
hand, branches need to go strong to support trunk development but than
they will be leggy and under developed. How to go and develop VERY young
JBP and JRP?

I live in northenr VA, with cold winter and warm summers (none too extreme ).

if you already wrote about that I’d be happy if you’ll just point me to
the post - no need to write about stuff I couldn’t locate.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Great question! A short answer would be something like: first make the trunk, then the main branches, then the smaller branches. Making the trunk means lots of growth for now and avoiding techniques that slow trees down like decandling or needle pulling. Once the trunk reaches the desired size, then refinement begins.

For a great overview of the process:

As for what to do with trees of different ages, first figure out what you want to end up with - large multi-trunk, medium-sized exposed roots, etc. - then work back from there.

Honestly, for the first few years it can be tricky to figure out exactly what to do with young trees, especially if you haven’t done it before. I might suggest browsing the titles at the subject area index (http://bonsaitonight.com/subject-index/), especially the articles aimed at young black or red pines: http://bonsaitonight.com/subject-index/#black-pine

An alternative short answer would be something like: if you have a tree under 4 years old, let it grow until the trunk thickens for another 3-10 years with only minor pruning and wiring to guide development. Buy an older tree to learn about wiring, decandling and other needle/vigor-management techniques so you know what to do with the time for refinement comes.