JPB Feeding regime


Apologies if there is already an answer somewhere for this one.

I have 50 JBP’s that are just starting to show signs of growth since I purchased them bare rooted. I have some experience fertilizing Maples, Elms, and other trees but not pines.

Could anyone please share with me what a normal year of feeding includes? E.g: Liquid or solid, high nitrogen or low nitrogen, when you fertilize etc ( I am in the southern hemisphere) My JPB’s are not being refined for bonsai so I just want to thicken them up :slight_smile:

One side question too… These trees are 2 years old roughly (bought from a nursery bare root). I want to wire their trunks now, but I don’t want to stress the trees on their first growing season. How thick of a trunk can I get away with wiring? I would really like the lower trunk to be curved…

Thanks in advance!

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These pines look great! Feel free to use whatever fertilizer makes the most sense for your garden. Liquid or solid fertilizers can both work, ditto high or low nitrogen. Because you have so many trees, you’re in a good position to test a couple of options and see what works best.

When pines are young, the basic protocol is to feed moderately/heavily throughout the growing season. Trunks can be wired even when they’re pretty thick, but the more thick the trunk, the more gentle the curves. Depending on the shape you want the trees to take, you can decide when makes the most sense for wiring.

I generally wire pine branches and trunks when they’re pretty thin as this provides lots of options for bending.


heres an idea in regards to your side question

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