Juniper Cascade Design (Jin and Shari)

hiw much Jin and Shari can be created in any single season? This tree tends to have a harmonious design, majority of the trunk leans left, leading branch also runs to the left. I plan to allow the tree to continue cascading left and crest a small apex. The right side of the tree will be mostly Jin’s and Shari. How much Jin and Shari can be created without harming the tree?

I think you can easily sacrifice these 2 first right side branches for a start. After that if you still want to have more dead wood just keep going on and create more by peeling bark from trunk.

It depends on your long term plan? If you wish to develop the rootball further to strengthen the base and prepare for a bonsai pot then i would do that first while the apical foliage is available to aid the recovery. If you create the Jin and Shari extensively now you will be left with the cascade branch primarily which is harder to keep healthy and vigorous. This would make it harder to develop the nebari and rootball for a Bonsai Pot and likely take much longer to accomplish.
That being said, i would create Jin from one branch at a time and Shari from narrower segments, widening slowly over time. The slower approach would allow you to work on all of the above and keep the tree healthy and vigorous at the same time. If you tilt the tree to give the cascade branch an up tilt during the process it will help retain the vigour in the cascade branch while you reduce the dominant apical area.

Good call, slow and steady will be the best option for the overall health of the tree, thanks.

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I was contemplating reporting this soon, however since I did quite a bit pruning, I’m going to let this tree grow and strengthen this year and repot next year. I notice this tree has quite a bit of surface roots. Is there harm in leaving these roots exposed?

It looks like the tree is in nursery soil. If that’s the case, I’d likely repot this year anyway. As for the exposed roots, I’d protect (cover with soil) any roots you care about.