Juniper collection

Hallo I want to dig a very big juniper in early spring.Its trunk is about 30cm thick and its an old tree.Its overall size is ± 2m a cross.Whats the best way to dig it out?or must I leave the tree because its to big ex?I shall take some pics today and post the to give you a good idea of the trees size.

Go for it! Repotting season is the best time to dig it up. Try and get alot of roots, potted in pure pumice, don’t cut off much foliage. Hard to say how to dig it without knowing the situation the tree is in.

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This is how tree looks.

I would love for some others to reply to this young man. I have struggled with the survival of junipers after collection. (Aftercare In zone 7) I have one in particular twisted trunk juniper that I excavated 80%, but chickened out 18 months ago. It is occasionally fertilized in the landscape and I’ll take another go at it in mid fall. Tips from folks that have successfully collected urban junipers would be Appreciated. Awesome forum👍

I’d second Jeremiah’s advice. As for aftercare, I’ve left collected junipers outside in shady spots where they got filtered light, under shade cloth, and in a greenhouse. All did pretty well though I haven’t done enough to say which approach is best. My guess is a greenhouse with good ventilation.

The most important thing after collecting is lots of overhead water or mist without keeping the soil too wet. In general, the roots only need water when the soil dries out. The foliage can be misted or watered many times a day, depending on the temperature and relative humidity.

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I have had good success collecting Juniper [Hollywood, Sea Green] from the landscape…originally 7’ tall with 10" trunks. Used 24" grow box, 10" tall, pure pumice, full sun, mist as often as possible.