Juniper hedges ID

(Jerry) #1


This is my Juniper hedges. i would appreciate to know the type of species it is? TIA!
About 4 weeks ago, i took cuttings from these hedges and stuck them in a potting mix to establish root growth (No not bonsai soil) and wired the green trunks for shape. cuttings They turn green after misting they do not get over watered this way especially in potting mix.I mist until i see droplets of water beginning to form off the foliage. Should I let these cutting grow for now in this soil? Or should i use a bonsai soil mix (I use Hoffman’s) I don’t want the roots to rot but yet want the roots to be established. once in a while the foliage gets sprayed with Fertilome Root Stimulator 4-10-3? What do you suggest?


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Not sure what this is. Junipers - if that’s what this is - are typically easy to root. Misting is good, but the cuttings don’t typically need much water (they can’t be too wet or too dry).

I haven’t used root stimulators with fertilizer so I can’t speak to that, but I do use hormones when initially planting the cuttings.

(Jerry) #3

I assume their Junipers but no fine tufts. They seem bigger in size and needle like foliage. I figure I’d try it and see how they grow. Maybe it won’t make a good bonsai tree. At least it’s good practise to keep it surviving but thanks for the reply.

(Jerry) #4

For all its worth it has new growth twice a year in early June and then July. Tolerates Zone 5 cold weather and humid heat. Acts a lot like Juniper trees. Less watering to rain and snow. 20 plus years old.

(Jerry) #5

I identified it, it’s a Yew, no berries so it’s a male tree.