Juniper needs help

I’m a bonsai newbie and I’m worried about my juniper. There are some needles browning and I’m worried that if something doesn’t change they’ll all go. I was keeping in indoors with no real direct sunlight but a fair amount of secondary light. Was watering it once every 4 or 5 days only as the soil dries. The soil isn’t dry before 4 days so I wait until it feels dry. Maybe that’s not often enough for juniper?

I was concerned about the light and reading that junipers like outdoor settings I’ve since placed it outside.

I’ve only had this tree about 4 months. It was fully green and nice when I got it. Is there some intervention I can do to keep all the needles from turning? Or should I just water and wait it out?

Thanks for the help!


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Looks like there’s still time - some of the foliage looks great and some doesn’t look as good. In general, when the old foliage dies back this time of year, it’s a sign that the tree is healthy and dropping the older growth. If the buds or branch tips die back, that’s not a great sign. It looks like some tips have browned but most still look good.

Moving the tree outside will make it easier to keep the tree healthy. And as for watering, the tree doesn’t need to completely dry out between waterings, but maybe get 60-70% dry before it’s time to water again.

Awesome, thanks for the reply Jonas. That’s relieving. I’ll try and keep it outside and water it a bit more.

My follow up concern is that my good only outdoor space has direct sunlight for about 5 hours of the day. Will that be a problem?

Five hours sounds good. Half a day is generally the minimum I’d recommend for a juniper so it sounds like you’ll be fine!