Juniper repot or no repot that is the question


I have a juniper I repotted into bonsai soil from garden soil about two months ago. The tree is still loose and I’m afraid there is not enough soil under the shin of the tree and thus hamper any root development. Should I repot end of winter or risk waiting it out until next winter?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

If the rootwork was good, there’s no need to repot. Adding a wire through the bottom of the pot to secure the rootball may be enough to keep it steady. Another option is adding a wire through the drainage holes that reach up to a branch or two and the tree can be secured there.


Yes that would defintly be an option to secure. What about if there’s not enough soil under the shin? When I probe the shin with my moisture meter, the soil seems very loose in the shin.


Junipers strength comes from the foIlage. So it makes sense to be hands free during spring and prune during winter and late summer fall?

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

Not exactly sure about the last two comments. If the rootwork was good, there would be no concern about the soil under the rootball. If there are large soft spots in the middle of the rootball, that might contribute to the tree’s wobble in the pot.

Letting the tree grow freely through spring makes sense.