Juniper Scale on Rocky Mt Juniper

Hey guys,

I am having a difficult time eradicating juniper scale on a rocky mountain juniper. I have used: imadicloprid systemic about a month ago, neem oil and Sevin insecticide (the new formulation, not carbaryl). The oil and Sevin were used separately not mixed together). It seems that the scale loved Sevin and have increased since the first application.

Tree was collected in 2016 and is otherwise healthy.

It’s a bit too much to stick them all with a needle. Will it harm the plant to “paint them” with rubbing alcohol?

Your advice on any remedy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


The best luck I had with scale on rocky mountain juniper came was when I thinned the tree. This left the remaining foliage in full sun which the scale didn’t like as much. They mostly disappeared without spraying.

When you used oil did you cover the foliage (and bugs) completely?


Thank you very much. Thinning and sunning sounds like a very good idea not to mention non-toxic. As far as the oil I tried to be careful to cover everything.

I do not like to spray chemicals and haven’t done so for a number of years, just didn’t want to lose the tree. Think I’ll do some thinning as you suggested, use a sharp point to stick the scale and mix up a fresh batch of neem oil and soap.

I’ve seen some suggestions to apply rubbing alcohol with a Q-Tip to kill the scale but I’m reluctant to do it.

I had a similar problem with a Foemina juniper several years ago and it wouldn’t go away until I manually killed the scale.

Thanks again,

Ray (Augustine)

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For manual removal I’ve used a ballpoint pen with the pen part retracted, so you have a hole you can drop over each one and scrape it off. Not sure if that’ll be any faster :smile:

I have used a q tip with alcohol effectively. I usually just pick off manually if it appears. I do like the thinning and sun approach. Will try that the next time I run into the problem.

Thanks Guys, I appreciate your input.

All - a follow up.

I thinned the foliage as recommended and the scale was gone in a couple of weeks.

Thank you Jonas and everyone that contributed.


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Wow, that’s fantastic - thanks for the update!