Juniper training

Does anyone have a good detailed resource for cleaning up and getting a leggy over grown Juniper started? I saved 2 junpers from the trash heap from a local nursery. They are in pots and are really leggy. I dont know proper “juniper” trimming for good pads ect…

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

I don’t have a good resource to point to, but the short version is to get the roots healthy, typically by repotting, before doing any work on the top of the tree.

So I have had the 2 trees for 2 years now. Pretty sure they could use a repot and a root trim. Is that better to do in the winter or do Juniper like it to be growing season to that?

I would suggest you look for a copy of the Bonsai Today, Masters Series " Junipers"
A good basic introduction to growing and styling Juniper Bonsai.
One of the important features in the book is Juniper training charts that indicate the best times of year for various techniques such as repotting. The charts are specific for the types of juniper.
Give some thought to seeking out a local Bonsai club. Members can give you valuable information on timing bonsai activities for your local climate.
For North America and temperate climate basically the best times to consider a repot is March/April and Sept/Oct .