Juniper White pine

(poom) #1

I have one Juniper white pine (Jwp) as picture 1. I need my jwp grow up as picture 2.
I have two questions as below:
1.What shoud I do to make my Jwp have the dense buds?
2.Do the Jwp need direct sunlight or just light? (I plant my Jwp in thailand that have 3 seasons. In the summer, the highest temperatures is 40 degree celsius but average temperatures all year is around 34 degree celsius.)

(Sely) #2

I have to say, Japanese white pine do not like hot weather and are more for cooler and cold winters. I live in the U.S. and in Texas which is still a bit difficult to grow JWP. As the seasonal buds grow and the candles enlogate, you must break the tips as bud formation occurs where the new needles emerge. Following the candle breaks there should be some interior bud formations as well.

(Frank Corrigan) #3

The Japanese White Pine is best in zones 4-7.
Does not like extreme heat or extreme wet conditions. Protect the tree from excessive moisture. Full sun is the best location. They are reluctant to back bud unless real healthy. I think that is going to be difficult in your climate.

(poom) #4

Thank you for your advice.