JWP candles dying

(Gilad Sivan ) #1

My new, developing JWP started to push candles quite nicely but then I’ve noticed the candle turning brown and dry, basically drying out and die. Some candles seem fine but other are definitely dying. Please advice!!!

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Have you checked for caterpillar damage? I’ve had similar damage on shore pine due to caterpillars that bore through the buds, killing them and some of the needles near the center.

(Sely) #3

Maybe kept a little too wet, is it grafted? Black pine understocks won’t have much problem but white understocks like it a little drier. Just a guess that’s all.

(Gilad Sivan ) #4

How do I tell if it’s caterpillar?

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

As I inspected the buds, some fell away and I saw that they were hollowed out at the base. I didn’t catch the creatures in the act, but I’ve seen them leave similar damage on other trees in the garden.

Bad soil or too much water as @Sely noted is another possible culprit.

(eric) #6

Perhaps not something that I’ve experienced myself, but white pine need a winter dormancy more solidly than black pines to my understanding. That’s one reason they’re relatively rare here in the Bay Area. Do you live somewhere where you are able to provide that?

(Sely) #7

@eric might have another point as well. I have grafted some white pines in the process of testing them in the heat of Texas.

(Gilad Sivan ) #8

I live in Washington D.C, area and we had quite a winter. No problem there. It was a wet spring so far so over watering could be an issue. Its hot now so I have better chance of drying them out some more.