Kaki trees from seeds


I have read a post on BonsaiTonight about kaki plants from seeds and i learnt that may take long time before they fruit.

Anyway i have here a bunch of two years plants from seeds and i am looking for advices to further develop them.

Is it the right time to transfer in individual pot? (without any rootwork)

Is it the right time to add some bend to the trunk?

Thanks a lot


I too am growing some Diospyros from seed. Diospyros trees are either male or female, so only female trees produce fruit, and you need a male tree for pollination. From my research expect only 1 in 10 female trees from seed. If you get flowers they can be sexed visually, so you do not need to wait until you get fruit.

Hi David,

interesting to know about such low probability to get a female plant.

Maybe next year i’ll get some flower, will see.

For the time being I have placed the pplnts in a new pot, without any root work.

Will feed heavily next spring.


Looks good Luigi! Fall (when the leaves are yellow and falling off) is a good time to prune the trees, if necessary. Winter is a good time to wire and style the trees. I style mine every year even though I don’t know if they will be male or female. None of my seedlings have flowered yet after five or six years.

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