Keeping Spruce in Bay Area

(Stephen Fong) #1

Hi All,

I’ve been eyeing some spruce recently, but worried they won’t live in the Bay Area. Anyone had any success with them?


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

I’ve had Engelmann spruce do so-so in my yard for several years, but I don’t know how they’d do for 10+ years around here. Likewise Colorado spruce. The dwarf glauca varieties common in nurseries do great but I don’t know the straight variety does over longer periods of time.

The USDA Hardiness Zones for both spruces show a preference for a slightly cooler climate.

Might be worth checking with someone like Todd Schlafer to see if he has customers in a similar climate with more experience.

(Stephen Fong) #3

Thanks Jonsas, I figured as much. I’ve already spoken with Todd and he was suggesting the same as you. Probably too warm of a winter. I may try a cheapie spruce and see how it does for 4-5 years before I go bigger.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Sounds like a good idea. I drove one of Todd’s Colorados down from Oregon and it did fine in California for several years, but the tree is back east now.

What I saw with the Engelmann was that the weak ones stayed weak and the stronger ones maintained their vigor but didn’t get any stronger. I know of several in the Bay Area and will provide an update if there’s much of a change in vigor one way or the other.

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

Here’s a spruce (first several photos) that’s been doing well for a number of years in the Bay Area. No one is sure of the variety:

(Stephen Fong) #6

Thanks Jonas. I’ve purchased a low priced Englemann which I’ll try out for a bit