Keeping trees healthy during CA fire season

Hi Jonas and other Bay Area folks,

Wondering what steps you are currently taking, if any, to try to keep your trees healthy during this nasty fire season we’re experiencing. Should I move my trees to a covered outdoor area to minimize ash falling on them? Or mist the leaves more frequently? Any tips or recommendations appreciated.


I wash the foliage off every day - last time this happened the only real problem I had was my dawn redwoods and Japanese maples dropped all their foliage, I think they’re more susceptible to the bad air. They recovered fine the next spring though. I also didn’t get any good fall colors that time :frowning:

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I also wash off the ashes, but only on days when the humidity is low and the sun is out. It’s been humid/cloudy/smokey the last couple days and the trees aren’t drying out much. I don’t want the foliage to stay too wet as young foliage is susceptible to powdery mildew an other fungi.

I don’t know if trees have problems with the smoke. If they do, I expect we’ll see some effect before long.

Other than keeping the foliage clean, the main thing is to focus on accurate watering, i.e. making sure the trees don’t stay too wet or get too dry.

I’ll be sure to post updates if I learn more concrete approaches to dealing with this. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to some rain!

Thanks for the informations gents, it is appreciated. Indeed, looking forward to hopefully getting some rain!

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