Kingsville boxwood

(James Stimmel) #1

Kingsville boxwood care. I live in zone 8a. I would like to know how to protect them for winter. I have no shed or garage to protect from hard frost. A couple of years ago, temps got down to 15 degrees for several days and killed all but one.
How do you suggest to protect them.
Usually winters are mild.
Last year was so warm, didn’t have very much dormancy, which wreaked the trees.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Can you bring them inside when it dips below freezing? Use a neighbor or friend’s garage?

(James Stimmel) #3

If I’m at home when it drops. The last time I was working out of town.
Thinking about building a small cold frame.

(Frank Corrigan) #4

Before i built the greenhouse i would winter the Boxwood by setting them in the ground by the house foundation. I chose a spot that was also protected by the wind. I live on Vancouver Island and my area is considered zone 8b.

(Raymond Mack) #5

I like both ideas. I would be very comfortable with the tree next to the house, out of the wind with pot buried in mulch. If you feel better with extra protection during cold snaps you can make a cold house as easy placing a sheet of plastic or old blanket over a little patio side table or lawn chair. Make sure to open it up if it’s going to be sunny that day.