Korean Hornbeam pot ideas

(Kyle) #1

I’m looking to upgrade the pot on my Hornbeam but I’m not sure which route to go. The tree does have some masculine qualities but I’m not sure if they are enough to have some masculine qualities in the pot.
I was thinking a soft cornered rectangle or possibly a rounded corner rectangle similar to the current pot with an off white cream glaze. Unglazed and maybe oval are also possibilities. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(Frank Corrigan) #2

Here are a couple of pots that might work. Ideas to consider.


Hi Kyle,

I’d choose the second one for two reasons:

  1. I would prefer the green one with flowering or fruiting trees because it would increase the contrast between different colors
  2. The unglazed one has a round shape, meaning more room for rootgrowth; it would also match with the character of the tree since the trunk-line has not sharp bends. My only concern is that the pot is big enough to have the apex centered in the pot.

I’d love to hear other opinions.

(Frank Corrigan) #4

Neither of the pots are big enough. They were posted for style ideas only as that is how i interpreted the question. The Korean Hornbeam has exquisite fall colours and i have seen them in a darker blue or green pots to complement the fall foliage.

(Kyle) #5

Thanks for the input. Speaking of dark blue I was looking at that color last night.

(Frank Corrigan) #6

Nice Pot. Love that shade and basic style, similar style to the Tokoname Kouyou Kouichirou by ALBA which was the green one that i posted.

(Kyle) #7

That blue pot is a Tokoname by Yamafusa.

I like this pot but I feel it might me to strong for the tree.

Here is another possibility

(Frank Corrigan) #8

Nice color, i too think the style is too strong. Have you looked at Sarah Raynor’s pots. she has some nice blends of natural earth tones with a bit of hue. Her oval styles might be of interest. Like the one i used on this Hemlock.

(Kyle) #9

Funny you mention that as I was just looking at her page. Love the earth tone glaze. Do you think I could make an oval work with this? My concern with the oval was the height of the tree (23") with the offset of the apex (8" off center). May seem top heavy in an oval.

(Frank Corrigan) #10

I think that is better addressed by planting position, planting angle and styling for dynamic balance.

(Jonas Dupuich) #11

Nice tree Kyle! I’d start by looking oval for a tree like this, and I like the idea of an off-white glaze, though many pale or subtle colors could also work. From there I’d try different colors and shapes and see what looks best.

I think the tree has a relatively light feeling for hornbeam. Here are some hornbeam displayed in Japan a few years ago: https://bonsaitonight.com/2015/12/08/korean-hornbeam-display/

(Kyle) #12

I thought I should update this topic with a new picture. I was able to get a nice cream/tan pot from Sara Rayner with blues and greens coming through. Not sure if it will be the final choice but it works for now and is much better than the original. Needs some refinement but hopefully I can get it show worthy in a few years.